Vantec IceBerg Q M.2 nvme 2280 SSD Heat Sink

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Vantec IceBerg Q M.2 NVME 2280 SSD Heat Sink -RED

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The Vantec ICEBERQ M.2 NVMe/SSD Heat Sink with Thermal Pad keeps your M.2 NVME/SSD cool near ambient temperatures by dissipating and protecting your M.2 module from heat. This High Vented Fins Heat Sink is easy to install on any standard M.2 2280 size module. It will help to extend your M.2 lifespan with a less likely chance of suffering from overheating failure. It keeps your M.2 Module within normal operating temperature to ensure it performs at peak performance during intense data usage. This Heat Sink is designed for Single or Double Sided M.2 NVMe/SSD and uses Dual Thermal Pads with rubber spacer to Dampen Vibration and provides full contact on both sides. The Thumb Screw Mount is easy to secure, heat dissipating, and sturdy. The Flat Base Heat Sink makes full contact with your M.2 Module for maximum heat dissipation for your whole module


Heat Sink Usage: M.2 NVMe or M.2 SSD

Heat Sink Fit: M.2 2280, Single or Double Sided Module

Mounting: Full length contact with Thumb Screws

Mount Location: Motherboard M.2 slot or Add-on Card M.2 slot

Thermal Protection: M.2 both sides

Main Material: Aluminum Alloy

Heat Sink Only Dimensions: 2.24 x 0.86 x 0.59 inches / 57 x 22 x 15 mm (L x W x H)

Mounted Dimensions: 2.76 x 0.94 x 0.98 inches / 70 x 24 x 22 mm (L x W x H)

Item Weight: 1.97 oz. / 56g

Mounted Height: 22 mm (from base)


System Requirements:

  • Requires 25mm Minimum Height clearance when mounted with M.2 Module on motherboard or Addon card

• Standard M.2 NVMe/SSD Module PCB Size (2280 only), other size will not fit

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